Let me introduce myself…

I am a project management consultant, jeweler, lifelong learner, student of leadership, and committed multi-potentialite. I’ve never even come close to figuring out what I want to be when I grow up, but why should we have to choose just one thing anyway?

Life is an adventure whether you want it to be or not, so we should get the most out of the life that we have. Try everything that grabs your fancy, learn from failure and from success, and just do the best you can. 

I am in the process of redesigning this site, so bear with me as it is a work in progress. To be honest, I’ve been redesigning this site for 2 years! I am leaving all the previous content here for now as well, for now. Thank you for understanding. 

Please visit my other websites

Wits End Jewelry (www.WitsEndJewelry.com) – Handmade Jewelry

Violets Baubles (www.VioletsBaubles.com) – One of a kind vintage jewelry

Coming Soon – Consider Cards!

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